Can't remove resource extension packages from RO-Library Share RRS feed

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  • Hello Guy's,

    incidently I missed to delete the current imported resource extension package before I imported the reconfigured one.

    trying to import the new one this error message was shown:

    PS C:\Users\Username> Import-CloudResourceExtension -ResourceExtensionPath "C:\Gallery Ressources\Set_Language.resextpkg" -SharePath "\\\SCVMMLibrary_RO$\ResExtPackages\Set_Language" Import-CloudResourceExtension : The folder \\\SCVMMLibrary_RO$\ResExtPackages\Set_Language\092ff782c1fd430bb301b1005d2b50f5\__VmmImportTemp_e0893 6a3-97ca-4eae-96b3-8e90e5624567\\Set_Language.cmd on the server cannot be deleted because it is not empty. (Error ID: 2933, Detailed Error: The directory is not empty (0x80070091)) Manually delete the contents of \\\SCVMMLibrary_RO$\ResExtPackages\Set_Language_\092ff782c1fd430bb301b1005d2b50f5\__VmmImportTemp_e08936a3-97ca-4e ae-96b3-8e90e5624567\\Set_Language.cmd on and then delete the directory. At line:1 char:1

    If I try to delete this files/folder directly at the Server (with administrative rights of course) I get the error mesage "File access denied"

    What do I wrong? How can I see what is blocking this folder? how I can solve this issue?

    Of course its difficult to descripe the issue, but if further information are needed, please feel free to ask!




    Thursday, November 19, 2015 9:33 AM

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  • Hello *,

    I'd like to add some additional information about this theme.

    When I try to import additional resext packages a new folder within the destination path will be created, of course with the error message in powershell as shown in my former description. In this new created folder the CR-package is present with the script files in it (in my case a cmd-file). With the command "remove-cloudresourceextension" I'm not able to remove them. If I try to delete the cmd file directly at the library share at the server the cmd seemed to be deleted, but after less than one second the file is still present, but *surprise* empty.

    Do anyone have an idea what is recreating this empty file?

    Most important - How can I solve this problem and delete the package folders permanently?

    Thanks for your Support!



    Wednesday, November 25, 2015 9:56 AM