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  • I want to save my groove playlist to OneDrive. Then import the playlist using a different Microsoft account. I own all of the songs/albums. Can I  export the playlist from the groove music app of one outlook account. Then import the playlist to another outlook account running groove). If someone doesn't know how, Where is the playlist actually stored? I am able to migrate all songs, albums and artists from local store to onedrive. I then share the onedrive music directory to another outlook user but I can't figure out how to migrate the playlist.

    Details: I've had/have the groove music app prior to 12/31/2017. I purchased the albums that I wanted as MP3's. I also had created a playlist which included the mp3 songs. So, I own it all. Can I export the groove playlist to an external file (possibly csv or equivalent). Then import the playlist by a different outlook account running the groove app....... Another way to accomplish what I want would be to save the playlist to onedrive. Then share it with another user. I just can't figure out where the groove playlist is stored.

    Example: joe@outlook.com want's to save his groove playlist (and mp3 songs) to onedrive. Joe shares his OneDrive music folder with steve (steve@outlook.com). Steve want's joes playlist to appear as a playlist in steves groove music app.
    More detail (ad nauseam :)  I know the groove subscription service is no longer available but I want to use the groove app simply as an MP3 player for owned mp3's. I want to share playlists with another msft accounts using the groove app. I have all of my owned mp3s saved to OneDrive. I can play mp3 music amongst my two outlook accounts via OneDrive but I don't see where the playlist is saved. I like the simplicity of using the groove music app for playing mp3s between outlook accounts but I don't know how to share playlists. ( I read the EOL  documentation from the groove subscription service but it didn't address moving my playlist via export or import. Is there another way to do it?)
    Thank you in advance (Sorry for all of the verbiage)
    Monday, February 19, 2018 6:53 PM

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