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  • This is not a question! As someone who spent 30-years in software applications design and who is registered as a Certified Computer Professional (CCP), you never provide the answer to the question I would ask regarding any of your application, which is: "Do you approve how this application is designed?" Yeh, I'd have plenty to say about most of your application's designs. One thing your IT staff needs to know is the fundamentals how data is processed, and here is one you can chisel in stone: Most applications allow their users to ADD the whole of something that never existed before, or CHANGE pieces within the something that does exist, and Delete the whole of something that does exist. User's don't EDIT and should not be conveyed as such on user screens. Software programmers EDIT entered data!! Stop using other gimmicky terms such as: enable, refresh, and repair!!

    When I'm to execute an application's procedure I want to know it's "objective" as to WHY I need to do it. Too many times the application designers explain a function to perform by its "vehicle." That's the HOW part in order to accomplish the objective. For example if your to Visit Miami Beach, that's the objective. And since you live in Memphis TN, there are choices to get to Miami Beach such as: driving your car or taking a plane. Those are the different vehicles as to HOW to satisfy the visit Miami Beach objective. Many times the related application puts out a headliner that says "driving my new car down I-95." First thing I ask when I seen that headliner is WHY?

    Leonard Rattini, CCP

    Thursday, December 27, 2012 2:31 PM