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  • With Exchange 2007, if a user / users said they couldn't access Outlook, our troubleshooting was normally:

    1. Identify the server the user was on (get-mailbox -identity USER | fl)
    2. Run Test-MAPIConnectivity -Server SERVERNAME
    3. Log onto the server and check Perfmon etc

    It was all quite straightforward.

    With Exchange 2010, it's slightly more complicated as there are DAG's involved.

    Our Exchange 2010 set up is:

    3 Regions; EMEA, APAC and USA. Each region has one DAG, composed of 60 databases, spread over 4 servers located in two AD sites. Each DB has replication copies on the other servers.

    Let's say User1 is on Exchange 2010 and has issues connecting to Outlook.

    1. Using Powershell, what's the quickest method to identify what DB and server that user is on.
    2. Will the above mention the live server their on as well as the servers which have copies?
    3a If, say, there is a problem with the server itself, what's the best method to fail over all DB's on that server to another server in the DAG?
    3b If, say, there is a problem with only that DB, what's the best method to start using another of the DB copies?
    Wednesday, October 19, 2011 7:42 PM