DELL M6300 docked to D/APR (PR01X) or D/DOCK (PD01X) - with DVD port - headphone jack port not working under Windows 10 Pro x64


  • Hello,
    I have trouble as described in the topic,
    I have two most old laptop models, Dell Precision M6300 & Dell Latitude D630.
    When laptops is docked to replicator potr dock stations D/APR (PR01X) or D/DOCK (PD01X) - bigger one model with DVD port,
    headphone jack port not working under Windows 10 Pro x64 installed on both laptops.

    On M6300 previously was installed Windows 7 Ultimate and on D630 was Windows 8.1.
    On Dell  M6300 on Win 7 Ult. headphone jack port worked properly.
    On Dell D630 on Win 8.1 I'm not sure due I do not used this on it (more years ago when it was on Win XP headphone jack port worked properly)
    So when Ms start delivering updates do Win 10, I did it on doth laptops, everything on both models working fine, but only this headphone jack port in D/APR (PR01X) or D/DOCK (PD01X) wouldn't like to work when I'm dockind Dell M6300 (D630 I docked only for test if on this one jack port will work or not) but not working too like on M6300.
    So loks like drivers whih was made oryginally for Win Vista x64 ale which was workable for Windows 7 64b wouldn't like to work on Windows 10.
    Maybe You have some tips what to do with this to press them to work?

    Monday, January 18, 2016 11:08 AM


  • Hi PitPuma,

    For your current condition, we would like to suggest you download the latest driver version from the manufacturer official website and install it. Please pay attention to that the driver version need to be matched for your system edition.

    If the manufacturer does not have the driver for Windows 10 and the old driver doesn't work in Windows 10, maybe the device is not supported in Windows 10. 

    Also, you could use Windows troubleshooter to fix it. Please go to "Control Panel" > "Troubleshooting" > "Configure a device".

    Good luck to fix it.

    Best Regards,


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    Tuesday, January 19, 2016 3:24 AM