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  • We have a large number of laptops that we protect with DPM 2010 client backup.

    Synchronization for the laptops runs every hour. Retention range on disk is 14 days and recovery points are created 3 times a day. This works well.

    Every night we do a full backup on tape of this client data.  This also works ok, unless the client didn’t sync  the last 24 hours. So between the 2 tape backups. In that case DPM reports an error:

    Backup to tape failed
    Backup of [laptop name]\User data on [laptop name].domain.com cannot be completed. DPM could not find a valid recovery point on disk. (ID 30126)

    In the following scenario this error occurs:

    09-10-2010 09:00 – 17:00: Laptop  X is powered on and syncs every hour to DPM disk. At 10:00, 14:00 and 18:00 a recovery point is created by DPM.

    09-10-2010 23:00: Full tape backup of all clients including Laptop X

    10-10-2010 09:00 – 17:00: Laptop  X is NOT powered on and therefore does NOT sync. No recovery points are created for this laptop X.

    10-10-2010 23:00: Full tape backup of all clients including Laptop X, but because there is no recovery point for laptop X created in the last 24 hours. The full client tape backup gives the error that is stated above. Other laptops that do have a recovery point in the last 24 hours are backed-up to tape successfully.

    In fact this “error” is correct, because now new recovery points were not created. I can also see this in the job log.

    Create Recovery Point for Laptop X:
    The job completed successfully with the following warning:
    No recovery point was created, either because synchronization has not occurred since the last recovery point was created, or because no changes were found during synchronization. (ID 208)

    Problem is that I don’t want this “Backup to tape failed” error in my alerts window because In fact all this is expected behavior, no recent recovery points so no new data on tape.  The “errors” only distracts you from possible real alerts.

    Am I overlooking something or is this expected behavior?

    Oh by the way, the alerting option that can also be specified is set to 14 days.



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