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  • I have restored and upgraded a large PWA instance from v2013 to v2016 (approx 25 GB in size). When I navigate to the Timesheet (/Timesheet.aspx) for the first time in a time period, I am presented with a broken page. 

    Sorry, something went wrong

    Your request has failed for an undetectable reason; you may need to contact your system or database adminstrator.

    Web Parts Maintenance Page: If you have permission, you can use this page to temporarily close Web Parts or remove personal settings. For more information, contact your site administrator.

    Looking at the ULS logs, I see the following entries (I'll only include the brief ones so I don't clutter up the post)

    Error is: AdminViewNotAccessibleToUser. Details: User does not
      have permission to this view. . Standard Information: PSI Entry Point:  Project User: <my-user-account>   Correlation Id: d90c8b53-1672-e711-80cb-005056827d7e PWA Site URL:
      <my-pwa-site> SA Name: ProjectServer PSError:
      AdminViewNotAccessibleToUser (16607)
      Error is: GeneralSecurityAccessDenied. Details: User does not
      have permission to any view. . Standard Information: PSI Entry Point:  Project User: <my-user-account>   Correlation Id: d90c8b53-1672-e711-80cb-005056827d7e PWA Site URL:
      <my-pwa-site> SA Name: ProjectServer PSError:
      GeneralSecurityAccessDenied (20010)
      PWA: <my-pwa-site>, ServiceApp:ProjectServer,
      User:<my-user-account> PSI: No
      timesheet for period eeac4d66-5771-e711-80ca-005056827d7e; rendering preview
      PWA:<my-pwa-site>, ServiceApp:ProjectServer,
      User:<my-user-account>, PSI: Could
      not successfully create preview timesheet for period
      CreateOrLoadTimesheet(System.Guid, System.Guid,
      System.Guid, System.String) : GeneralSecurityAccessDenied

    I can manually resolve this issue by going to the Manage Timesheets interface and creating the timesheet. From there, I can do all timesheet actions with no issue. I have experienced this issue with all my user levels (ex: Admin, Team Member, Project Manager, Resource Manager). But, if I delete the timesheet and navigate back to the page, it will not re-create.

    My other attempts to resolve the problem:

    -Close and restore the timesheet web part as mentioned in the error message

    - Delete and re-create all future timesheet periods

    -Validated permissions for my user accounts.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. I can try to perform the restore again, but would like to see if there's another fix before investing time to walk through that activity again. I have restored other smaller PWA instances from the 2013 environment that had no issue.

    Wednesday, July 26, 2017 4:58 PM

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  • First, I would first try running the SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard and see if that fixes the issues.

    2nd check the SharePoint Central and see if their are any issues list for the SharePoint health and resolve any significant issues

    During the migration, were there any issues that you may have ignore.  It may fixing those issues and doing another migration.  Where there any 3rd party web parts or addins that didn't get resolved?

    The error message are indicating a security issue.   Verify that the service accounts are not locked out because of a bad  password.  

    There are several new SharePoint services that are used in 2016, such as a cache manager.  Look in log files for any issues with any of the SharePoint Services.

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    Thursday, July 27, 2017 2:16 AM