Windows server 2012


  • Hi

    I am migrating a client to a new server and cant decide whether to go Windows Server 2012 Std, essentials or downgrade to Windows Server 2008 . The hardware is an Hp microserver with 8GB ram with x2 1TB disks in fake-raid mirror.

    They have 4 staff members, one off site uses VPN regularily. They use o365 in the cloud for mail and the server really only acts as a file server with one shared printer on it. The client machines are XP and Win 7 though will start becoming Win 8 at some point. They wont be likely to expand in the near future.

    Can someone advise on the best way to make the choice given the above. I am also considering turning the server into a Citrix Xen hosted environment and creating the server as a VM.

    as an aside, the current server is an IBM with 1GB RAM and going to be decommisioned and was an SBS 2003 Exchange server acting as DC but none of the features are required anymore and it is not in a happy way so I will trash it before considering what to do with it after. Any thoughts on best practice for migrating data off that to the new server would also be appreciated.

    Thursday, July 25, 2013 1:19 AM