Can't Enable Dynamic Approver feature in InfoPath/SharePoint/Project Server 2013 Workflow RRS feed

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  • Problem Statement:  I'm creating a project lifecycle workflow where each project will have a distinct list of approvers.  These approvers will approve multiple stage gates through the life of the project.  An early stage in the workflow calls for the project initiator to name the project approvers. This stage looks to a project detail page with an InfoPath web part.  The InfoPath form enables the initiator to pick multiple approvers from a SharePoint list.  The people / group picker control in InfoPath is used for this purpose.  Subsequent workflow tasks are assigned to the project approvers.  My problem is that even though the approvers appear for the task assignment, they are not receiving the e-mails called for in the tasks.


    Setup steps taken are:


    1. Create a SharePoint group of all approvers called Approvers of Project Server Workflow.
    2. Create an InfoPath form that allows the project initiator to select approvers of this project from the Approvers of Project Server Workflow group.
    3. Validate a SharePoint list (named Approvers of this Project) was created when the InfoPath form was created.
    4. Create the fields, project phases and stages, PDPs, EPT, etc. in Project Server 2013.
    5. Create a workflow that includes the stage where project approvers are named.
    6. Assure the workflow assigns tasks to the custom approvers (Approvers).
    7. Run the workflow and validate when the InfoPath form is filled out the approvers selected actually appear in the Approvers of this Project list as a field called Approvers.
    8. Note that members of the custom SharePoint list field called Approvers do not receive the e-mail in workflow tasks.


    I understand this is a bit involved but am hoping to get ideas as to what I'm doing wrong.  Also, if anyone is experienced with this type of issue I'd welcome the chance to get billable help.




    Rich Garlock

    Tuesday, September 10, 2013 8:58 PM