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  • I have a OLAP pivot table filtered by project name looking like this that I can pull information from, but the values change when I filter by another project.  Addressing the cell with the 59.5 vbalue in it as +C51 works only for that specific project.  I believe this is due to the GETPIVOTDATA formula having a hard-coded project GUID and Time values. 

    Year       Month            Values        

    2013      August           Actual Work            59.5

                 September    Actual Work            232.8

                  October        Actual Work            298.6


    The formula looks like:

    =+GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[Actual Work]",$A$17,"[IS_Project Manager1_Project].[IS_Project Manager1_Project]","[IS_Project Manager1_Project].[IS_Project Manager1_Project].[IS_Project Manager1_Project].&[{13320613-0F95-4EE1-8D73-BA04340A9709}]","[Time].[Time]","[Time].[Time].[Year].&[2013].&[3].&[8]","[Ent_Org Structure_Project].[Ent_Org Structure_Project]","[Ent_Org Structure_Project].[Ent_Org Structure_Project].&[{7CABE602-9489-483C-B4F1-C97B633F5DDF}]")

    I need to be able to pull in the data into another section of the workbook for any filtered project without changing the formulas.  Especially, date first actual hours were posted through date last actual hours were posted  ... any thoughts?

    From SKG@H posting

    Wednesday, November 20, 2013 12:22 AM