having issue after exporting report to .csv format in ssrs


  • Hi friends, 
        I am using expressions for the textboxes in the Table control Header, The report works fine and all the render formatts except CSV are working fine.when i export this report to CSV, the header names are not coming in the first row of CSV , but some other textbox names (eg textbox 34..) are being displayed on the first row of CSV.From second row onwards, i am getting the header names seperated by comma and the data is being displayed.This header names are being repeated for all the rows in the CSV along with the data.Please give me a solution regarding this.
    I tried by setting Data Element as "NO" from "Auto".I could stop the header names being repeated from second row in CSV, but i couldnot get the names in the first row of CSV.
      I need to have all the header names as first row in csv and from the second row, i need data.

    Thank You


    Monday, September 16, 2013 6:32 PM