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  • So a real newbie question on DPM and how it handles long term D2D2T backups.  Typically with other products we have used in the past we have used the GFS strategy.  But something hit me the other day that I have not run up against yet.  If I were running my backups (file level for a file server for example) with long term storage retaining 3 years of data, keeping daily backups only one week, each week of the month and then each month of the year as a standard, if a user were to create a file on Monday, the nightly express full runs and the tape also runs.  Then the user deletes the file unknowingly a day or even a week later.  The user then a year later wants this file and it's not othere.  They request a restore of this file and remembers a data in which is was created.  Can this file be restored?  If I only have one backup per month for each month and the backup is really only a full from the end of the month, the file would not be there since it was created and deleted in the same month.  I know this is how most traditional backup applications work but I am not sure of DPM.  I have heard of other backup apps which would consolidate dailys to weeklys, weeklys to monthlys and then monthlys to an year end.  So, you have one file in which could be sorted for a specific item--a file for example and it would then tell you based on all of the consolidations the different recovery times available.  But, I was told on another forum that a monthly was only a full at that point in time and everything before that was deleted so if a file was created and deleted in the same month, you could never recover it later don the road.  Is this true with DPM as well?  I would think that as long as a file or item was at least a part of a single backup, it would appear in any backup down the road but could only be restored from the most recent backup of that item.

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    Monday, November 4, 2013 5:58 PM

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