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  • Microsoft in 4.5 added client recording of information on package use.  This information is recorded in the registry and is also exposed via the client WMI provider, suitable for sucking into a management system, like SCOM.  All nice.


    If a package is used as a dependency, this use is not recorded.  This is a sad thing.  Let's say that I sequence a few plug-ins for IE, each in their own separate package.  Then I package an IE shell that references the plug-ins as depencies.  Load 'em up and run the IE shell package, verify that the plugins work.  Now I look at the recorded information and it says that the plugins have never been run.


    Not a huge issue, but one that should be addressed.  This is where I use the word bug and I'm sure Microsoft uses the word feature, but a change is warrented in the next service pack, or whatever.

    Friday, November 7, 2008 10:22 PM