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  • I am exporting from MS Project an Excel file. This file is then updated by the project members with actual PDs spend. Then I would like to import the file with the new information into ms project 2013. Before I do this we update the Actual Work and the Scheduled Work column. I save the file as Excel workbook without macros. Star the import wizard and want to merge the file. The File contains the unique key as merge key. I do my field selection, go through the wizard and start the load. MS Project hangs and and is not responding. The input file contains app. 500 lines.

    What's wrong? Need help.

    Monday, April 21, 2014 2:48 AM

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  • It would seem to be an issue with the import file.  A couple things to try to isolate the issue:

    1) Import one column at a time.  See if it's breaking on a specific column or several columns.

    2) Import half of the rows. See if one row is what's causing the issue.

    3) Export the same data from Project and compare with the Excel.  See if there's anything obvious about the data formatting in the import file.

    My guess would be that there's data in the import file that's formatted incorrectly, i.e. it's a number where Project is expecting a text field, etc.

    Andrew Lavinsky [MVP] Blog: Twitter: @alavinsky

    Monday, April 21, 2014 4:21 AM