Event ID 1085


  • Event xmlns="">
    - <System>
      <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy" Guid="{AEA1B4FA-97D1-45F2-A64C-4D69FFFD92C9}" />
      <TimeCreated SystemTime="2015-12-22T19:50:59.629907600Z" />
      <Correlation ActivityID="{5D90BD1A-881B-4363-91B4-F85E31F7B9CC}" />
      <Execution ProcessID="872" ThreadID="1860" />
      <Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />
    - <EventData>
      <Data Name="SupportInfo1">1</Data>
      <Data Name="SupportInfo2">4237</Data>
      <Data Name="ProcessingMode">0</Data>
      <Data Name="ProcessingTimeInMilliseconds">1154</Data>
      <Data Name="ErrorCode">2</Data>
      <Data Name="ErrorDescription">The system cannot find the file specified.</Data>
      <Data Name="DCName">\\</Data>
      <Data Name="ExtensionName">Scripts</Data>
      <Data Name="ExtensionId">{42B5FAAE-6536-11d2-AE5A-0000F87571E3}</Data>
    Tuesday, December 22, 2015 7:54 PM


  • Hi,
    Event 1085 is a generic message that only indicates Windows failed to apply a settings.
    Please check the complete event log file, in the "Description" section, you should be able to find the specific setting that failed to apply. Also, check in the Event Viewer and see if you can find additional error logs. The setting might have its own log file, which might contain more useful information.
    Try to run "gpupdate /force" and then check event viewer logs. If you find 1500, 1501, 1502 or 1503 events IDs then this means that you don't have group policies problems. If you got new error logs, post them here, they might be helpful for the troubleshoot.


    Ethan Hua

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    Wednesday, December 23, 2015 8:07 AM