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  • All,

    I am looking for help to setup incident request using default Incdent Event Workflow Configuration. My process is pretty simple.

    1.  User send an email or use port portal to open Incdent

    2. SM opens an incident and user and owner will get an incident ID

     3. Analyst will assign incident to him, now user, analyst and owner will get incident update stating incident has been assigned to XYZ analyst.

    4. Analyst updates or resolve the incident and status should be notified to all the 3 (User,owner and Analyst)


    Is there any process to get the above done.



    Saturday, October 22, 2011 5:16 PM

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  • Hey

    You can create incidenty from mails by either using the in-product feature or by using the exchange connector. Incidents are automatically generated with the information provided in the mail (subject, body, sender)

    To send an email to the affeced user --> Administration, Workflows, Configuration, Incidents. Add a new entry that triggers when a new incident has been created. Configure and use a Notification template that suits your needs.

    This is a bit trickier as you have to use a relationship subscription, this is not diretly in the product and needs to be done with your own management pack. Check these blog post for more information -->

    To send an email when the incident was resolved, use the same procedure as in step 2. Just use the option "when an incident has been updated" and configured the criteria as needed.

    hope that helps


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    Sunday, October 23, 2011 7:15 AM
  • All,

     I am still facing issue with multiple emails on SCSM 2010 SP1 CP-2.  Below is the senario.

     When a new incident is  created, affected user and primary owner will receive an email with subject: IR-NO, and Status of the Incdent and description of the incident. After 2-3 minutes later incident auto updates and sents 2 more emails to afftected user and primary owner with change in the subject Incident has been updated and assigned to xyz analyst. 

    Workflow I defined, when an incident is open the source should be email or portal and when incident is updated cretaria should be equal to status of the incident.

    Event createria [I] choosen: When an incident is created, incident source could be Email or portal and notify affected user and primary owner.

    Event createria [II] choosen: When an incident is updated,  Incident Status (I tried all combination that were given for Changed from) to Incident status equal to (Active, pending, resolved and closed) and should be notified to affected user, primary owner and assigned analyst.

    May be I selected some weird combinations of the status list. what I am looking from Service manager is an end user will send an emails to support address and support address will opens an incident, then Service manager notify incident ON to end user and primary owner (eg: Helpdesk). When helpdesk team checks the incident from service manager respective helpdesk analyst will asign ticket on this name and update the incident. But, once incident is opened and end user have info of the incident after 2-3 minutes incident auto updates and assiging the incident to no analyst and end user gets 2 more emails with subject (your incident update)

    Let me mention, that I am not using SMTP server, we are using Exchange connect. Is that be an issue? Can someone please help me.


    Friday, November 18, 2011 5:08 AM