In my environment i see "Txt" and "A" record for all of the computer objects RRS feed

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  • In my environment i see "Txt" and "A" record for all of the computer objects.

    my question is how these records are creates, i know "A" record is created at the time computer is joined to AD and updated periodically.

    Question is mainly about Txt record and what is possible use of this record type.

    Thursday, February 2, 2017 10:03 AM


  • DNS TXT records are created manually. For an internal AD domain situation, TXT records can be used to help Kerberos clients find resources.  "The TXT record format for specifying domain name-to-realm mappings is similar to the SRV record format for locating Kerberos KDCs within a given Kerberos realm."  In this way, you don't need to configure a local Kerberos client configuration file (krb5.ini) on every client machine.  Source:

    Apart from that, TXT records are commonly used to verify to a DNS client outside (external sources), such as when used in conjunction with SPF (Sender Protection Framework) records to help verify to a DNS client that a DNS domain is who it says it is, used a lot with SMTP for example to help reduce spam.  Source:

    Here's the Wikipedia answer:  "A TXT record (short for text record) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS) used to provide the ability to associate some arbitrary and unformatted text with a host or other name, such as human readable information about a server, network, data center, and other accounting information."  Source:

    Best Regards, Todd Heron | Active Directory Consultant

    Thursday, February 2, 2017 12:18 PM