April's T-SQL Gurus Announced!!

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  • Congrats to Naomi, Ronen, and Visakh!

    Guru Award  Transact-SQL Technical Guru - April 2014  

    Gold Award Winner

    Naomi N Searching All Columns in a Table for a String MP: "An excellent writeup with lot of hands-on code. Will be very useful and handy in situtions where I have to search some information hidden in columns, tables or whole database. Thanks."
    Ed Price: "Great code, formatting, and very well written! There is another popular article on this topic from 2002 (, that should be referenced here (it's short and sweet; while your article is a bit more thorough). Also, this article could be improved by more code commenting and more descriptions of what the code is doing. Then, to build on the existing article from Narayana and take it to the next level, this one could include a debug option for people being cautious about a procedure executing stuff on their computer. And many people would want to get the query that is executed first and then execute it on their own. A debug switch for the procedure would be great! And setting the procedure as a system procedure, making it available for all the database! Maybe those could be topics for a sequel to this article? Regardless, this one was very thorough and very well crafted!"
    Richard Mueller: "An advanced topic that covers very useful seach scenarios. Lots of great code examples."
    DB: "Good exposition for a common request." 

    Silver Award Winner

    Ronen Ariely Same Query on Different SQL Server Versions MP: "A good writeup citing difference in how SQL Server 2012 and earlier versions behave while inserting records in a table. Yes in 2012+ the INSERT operation is optimized by the removing the unwanted SORT operation. And you are right, actually it does not matter in what specific order you enter records in a table. As, a table is just a SET, and it does not gurantee retrival or records in the same manner as you inserted. Thus it is important to use an ORDER BY clause whenever you want specific ordering of records, while selecting/retriving form a table. Thanks."
    Ed Price: "As usual, Pituach delivers a very well articulated article with great code snippets and images! There are a few hot-topic issues that Ronen addresses clearly in the comments (MP also addresses them in the judge comments)! So thanks for going the extra mile! Perhaps it could benefit from more links/references out to great existing TechNet Library articles. One thing that really shows the detail here is that Ronen must have put a "float:left" img style on the HTML of one image to get the text to format on the right and then aligned it perfectly with the image! Great attention to detail! "
    Richard Mueller: "Very useful for comparing performance of SQL versions. Grammar needs work."

    Bronze Award Winner

    Visakh16 Get WeekDay Number of the Month for a date JS: "As from the description t was hard to figure out what the real purpose is of the solution. I needed to read the whole article in order to get it. In addition the code could have been a bit more commented in orde o see how this works. I cannot remember any project where I could have needed this, but it seems that this seems to be usable in some cases ;-)"
    DB: "Good, but very narrow case."
    MP: "Nice article and a ready made Function for me whenever I would need to get WeekDay number of a date. Thanks."
    Ed Price: "As Sundaraguru mentions in the comments, this is a helpful function (niche topic, but very helpful)! Short and sweet with good descriptions and great formatting! As JS mentions in the judge notes, it could benefit from the introduction explaining its purpose more clearly, from more code commenting, and from more explanations of what the code is doing. Great job on the See Also section and formatting the code and sections!"
    Richard Mueller: "We should see example output. I think there are better ways to do this."

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    Monday, May 19, 2014 7:34 PM
  • Thanks Ed, and congrats to all :-)

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    Wednesday, May 21, 2014 11:43 AM