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  • With the SP1 version of ExFolders, I'm trying to set PR_PF_PROXY_REQUIRED to TRUE (Boolean 1) using either the Property Editor or Bulk Property Editor.

    I can't find a syntax that works. If I enter a 1 or 0 , I get "Property validation failed. Property = [0x671f000b] MailEnabled Error = Value is of incorrect type. Expected type = System.Boolean."

    If I try anything else (like 0x01, 0x00, '0', "0" , 0, and several more) I get a pop-up box that says, "This property is a boolean value. The value entered must be 0 or 1. Please correct the value and try again."

    Is there a syntax document for Exfolders? Is the the logic in ExFolders for editing System.Boolean values broken?




    Question is also in: http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Exchange-2010-SP1-ExFolders-e6bfd405


    Monday, July 25, 2011 3:09 PM


  • Hi
       It is not syntax problem.
       I find two ways to modify PR_PF_PROXY_REQUIRED
      1. Download MFCMAPI
       MFCMAPi - >   PF ->  property pane --> modify extra proptery  --> add --> property tag  --> 0x671F000B --> ok
    We right click on 0x671F000B --> edit-> selct Boolean check box
    Now we able to modify property PR_PF_PROXY_REQUIRED succesfully
    In PFDavAdmin, click Tools -> Custom Bulk Operation

    Ensure the "base folder from which this operation will start" menu is set to "Public Folders"

    Click Add, select the "Other folder properties" radio button, click OK

    Ensure the “Action” radio button is set to Modify

    In the Property drop-down menu, find "PR_PF_PROXY_REQUIRED: 0x671F000B" & select it

    In the Value field type 1

    Click Add

    In the Filter box, change the filter to (&(0x3004001E=Please enable me))

    Click OK, you will be taken back to the Custom Bulk Operation box & will see the operation we have configured.

    Click OK to run it.

    This will set PR_PF_PROXY_REQUIRED for all folders that have the PR_COMMENT property set to Please enable me to 1. The RUS should pick this up & create new MESOs/populate the PR_PF_PROXY property for these folders.
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