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  • Hello,

    I did a search and couldn't find any help on this in technet (or anywhere else on the internet, for that matter.) I have a 32 bit Dell server running both DPM Server 2007 and SRT 2007. We only have around 5 machines to backup so having them on the same machine is fine.

    Attached to server are 2 external RAID drives. One is a Qnap 4 TB and is connected using an iscsi card on the MB and is a dynamic drive for use with DPM Server. The iscsi card has the IP of and the drive is .1. The server itself in on a 192.168.100.x network and there is persistent route that shoots all traffic to the ethernet card of the server. Only traffic to the 200.x network goes to the iscsi card. All the dpm backups to that drive work fine.

    The other drive is a DroboS 4 TB drive connected to an esata card on the MB. Since it's an esata connection, the drive is a basic NTFS. I installed the SRT on the server with the file store on the Drobo, so that all the system restore snapshots will reside there.

    The drive is accessible on the network using standard UNC: \\dpmserver\h$ for example. I also shared the drive with open permissions for everyone on our network.

    I have a test server on which I have installed server 2003 std. I set up SRT to run scheduled recovery points for this server and already have a number of them for restoration. I went ahead a set up a bootclient restore disk and made sure to have the appropriate network drivers (had to use the Intel RIS versions of them). So booting works fine, network IP is set to the original computer and then it waits for the SRT server to initiate communication, which is what I do in the SRT recovery center. I initiate a rollback to that machine and choose the latest set.

    Instead the SRT recovery center works for a while and progress bar stays at 10% and then it fails with the error displayed on the SRT server: "Recovery Point rollback failed because the client could not contact the File Store." That's it. So why can't the client on the machine I am trying to restore contact the File Store on the H drive of the SRT server? Am I missing something? How can I fix it?



    Ian Ohlander

    Thursday, August 18, 2011 6:42 PM

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  • Wanted to add that the SRT version I am running is 2007

    DPM System Recovery Tool (sched) 2.0.5814.0

    DPM System Recovery 2.0

    DPM 2007 version 2.0.8844.0

    Friday, August 19, 2011 7:13 PM