Limit Folder Quota by User Group


  • I was wondering there is a way to limit folder quota by users groups? Example is we want all staff to have 200mb limit and administrators 500mb. I looked at FSRM and it only does all users. Thanks.

    Wednesday, January 22, 2014 5:48 PM


  • Hi,

    Sorry, we can’t do this for the same folder.

    As far as I know, the FSRM quotas are based on the folder or volume, and the quota applies to any user that writes to the folder.

    However, we can choose to create two different folders, set different folder quotas, and use NTFS permissions to make users from different groups to access their designated folder.

    Hope it helps.

    Best regards,
    Frank Shen

    Friday, January 24, 2014 6:30 AM