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  • Hi Folks,

    Here is my Scenario.

    I have a ERP system with information from students (registry number, name) and service desk operator (id, name). This ERP uses a SQL Server database that is stored in a Cloud environment. 

    I want my Sharepoint 365 wich is tied to my Office 365 Educational Institution subscription (free) plan to access this database so I can log whenever a student contact a service desk operator asking for something or the other way around, whenever a Service Desk Operator contacts a student.

    What I have drafted as a Solution design was a list in Sharepoint that could be acessed by the Service Desk team, and whenever they made or receive a contact from a Student they would create a list item indicating the student registry and the description of the contact.

    The reason to design that way is that the ERP doesnt have support for a Service Desk ticket log and I dont want to export the data from the ERP to the sharepoint and then import again to the ERP database to be able to use it in my ERP Queries. For Instance, when I want to cross-analize this data with financial infromation, or academical performance (grades), etc.

    I have 6+ years of expirience in MOSS (the hosted, older version though) but never needed to resolve a business cenario like this.

    Wednesday, July 20, 2016 4:16 PM


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