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  • Hi,
    the forced logoff feature is great but unless we patrol the workstations, the feature is pretty much useless due to lack of enforcement. users could just log back in again.

    Suggestions to the team for future version:

    Ability to assign a unique code/password for the "public" locked/limited account.

    • Admin able to assign/tag password "123" that has 1 hour usage, "qwe" 30min, "asd" 2 hours, etc in SteadyState
    • Admin then give out those time-limited passwords to respective users for use.
    • this way, once the user used up his allocated time, forced logoff and user won't be able to use the computer any longer till the next day, or admin adjust the timing, or the user get another password with usage time left.
    Other Advance features suggestion:
    • able to set X number of hours for one-time use till the time expires, usage in a single day, week, month or a range of dates
    • system-generated password with configurable password strength (length, mix of lower/upper case, numbers, special characters adjustable)
    • ability to continue the session for the same user provided there's usage time left (eg total 1 hour for the day, user use 20min in the morning and the remaining 40min in the night)

    This will greatly improves the usefulness of forced logoff for cafes, schools, libraries, parents etc using the same limited/locked account but with different code/passwords.

    I understand Vista has similiar feature but am not sure how it works, have not used Vista. If SteadyState could have something similiar it'll be really great.


    Monday, May 26, 2008 1:49 PM



    Kat, thank you very much for your suggestions on SteadyState. I will forward this thread to our product group. Please be assured that our product group always strive to improve SteadyState according to our users feedback.

    Thursday, May 29, 2008 3:16 AM