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  • Hey guys!!

    i created a hyper converged 2 node system with cache disabled,

    this system has cloud witness configured,

    after i drain a node and make sure the virtual disk is healthy, the pool and disk fail on node restart,

    with error : 1069

    Cluster resource 'Cluster Virtual Disk (REFS_VOLUME)' of type 'Physical Disk' in clustered role 'bf7299f8-f875-4989-a266-f7d6c59b2eeb' failed. The error code was '0xc0380035' ('The pack does not have a quorum of healthy disks.').

    error : 1793

    Cluster physical disk resource online failed.
    Physical Disk resource name: Cluster Virtual Disk (REFS_VOLUME)
    Device Number: 4294967295
    Device Guid: {0eff458c-8a6e-4973-b454-32e0f646c65f}
    Error Code: 3224895541
    Additional reason: AttachSpaceFailure

    error : 5150

    Cluster physical disk resource 'Cluster Virtual Disk (REFS_VOLUME)' failed.  The Cluster Shared Volume was put in failed state with the following error: 'Failed to get the volume number for \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\Harddisk5\ClusterPartition2\ (error 2)'

    error 1795 :

    Cluster physical disk resource terminate encountered an error.
    Physical Disk resource name: Cluster Virtual Disk (REFS_VOLUME)
    Device Number: 5
    Device Guid: {0eff458c-8a6e-4973-b454-32e0f646c65f}
    Error Code: 1168
    Additional reason: ReleaseDiskPRFailure

    the StoragePool has FaultDomainAwarenessDefault       : StorageScaleUnit

    the virtual disk has FaultDomainAwarenessDefault is blank

    there is no provisioning configured,

    this system does not have SES in the hardware,

    it is a 2 identical servers with following disk configuration each

    1x NVME 3TB

    2x 270GB SAS

    1x 500GB SAS

    will this configuration work if i wait for the new windows 2016 version that does not require SES, or if i change the SAS disk to SATA, or do i need to add more disk to the design?

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