File copy error window hidden after I minimized all windows RRS feed

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  • I was copying over some mp3 files to my new Windows 7 box and the XP Home box I was copying them from, through the network, had some security issue.  So Windows 7 popped up a "File Access Denied" window with a message that asked "You need permission to perform this action".  I then hit my "Show Desktop" button which hid all of my windows.  However, when I try and click back on the taskbar my error message, I can't get to the "Try again, Skip, Cancel" window, instead it only pops up the main "Copying 7,887 items" window.  When I click on that window, it beeps because it's in modal mode waiting for my response to "Try again, Skip, or Cancel" question.  But since I can't get that window to come up, I'd have to kill the process.  It's strange that aero-peek when I hover over the explorer window, it does show my "Try,Skip,Cancel" window, but when I click on it to bring it to the foreground, I only get the "Copying" window.   Frustratinggggggggg!!!   arrrrrr...
    Friday, July 17, 2009 7:35 PM