Replica Sync fails RRS feed


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    You didn't mention the DPM Version but when using DPM 2016 + Modern backup storage (MBS) - you need to mount the replica volume manually using the mountreplica.ps1 script below.

    #Mount Replica Volume located on Modern Backup Storage.
    # 1.1 fixes clearing error variable before mount attempt.
    # 1.2 lists only data sources in PG's with "Short-term using disk".
    #     Includes inactive data sources with disk protection
    $ErrorActionPreference = "silentlycontinue"
    [uint64] $GB=1048576000 #Multiple of 10MB
    $confirmpreference = "None" 
    function Show_help
    	write-host "Version: $version" -foregroundcolor cyan
            write-host "Script Usage" -foregroundcolor green
        	write-host "A: Script lists all protected data sources plus current Replica size." -foregroundcolor green
            write-host "B: User Selects data source to mount replica for." -foregroundcolor green
    	write-host "C: User dismounts replica." -foregroundcolor green
    	write-host "Appending inputs and results to log file $logfile`n" -foregroundcolor white
    "" >>$logfile
    "**********************************" >> $logfile
    "Version $version" >> $logfile
    get-date >> $logfile
    Write-Host "`nThis script is only intended to be ran on DPM 2016 or later using Modern Backup Storage (MBS) exclusively. "
    write-host "User Accepts all responsibilities by entering a data source" -foregroundcolor white -backgroundcolor blue
    $DPM = Connect-dpmserver -Dpmservername (&hostname)
    $DPMservername = (&hostname)
    "Selected DPM server = $DPMservername" >> $logfile
    write-host "`nRetrieving list of data sources on $Dpmservername`n" -foregroundcolor green
    $pglist = @(Get-ProtectionGroup |where { $_.IsDiskShortTerm -eq 1}) # Created PGlist as array in case we have a single protection group.
    $count = 0
    $dscount = 0
    foreach ($count in 0..($pglist.count - 1)) 
        $ds += @(get-datasource $pglist[$count]) # Created DS as array in case we have a single protection group.
    if ( Get-Datasource $DPMservername -inactive) {$ds += Get-Datasource $DPMservername -inactive |where {$_.IsDiskInactive -eq 1}}   #Include Inactive DataSources with Disk Protection
    write-host "Index Protection Group     Computer             Path                                     Replica-UsedSizeMB"
    write-host "-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"
    foreach ($l in $ds) 
    	"[{0,3}] {1,-20} {2,-20} {3,-40} {4}" -f $i, $l.ProtectionGroupName, $l.psinfo.netbiosname, $l.logicalpath, ($l.ReplicaUsedSpace/1024/1024)
    $DSname=read-host "`nEnter a data source index number from the list above."
    write-host ""
    if (!$DSname) 
    	write-host "No datasource selected, exiting.`n" -foregroundcolor yellow
    	"Aborted on no Datasource index selected" >> $logfile
    	exit 0
    if (!$DSselected) 
    	write-host "No valid datasource selected, exiting. `n" -foregroundcolor yellow
    	"Aborted on invalid Datasource index number" >> $logfile
    	exit 0
    $line=("Processing Replica Volume Mount operation.  Please wait...") 
    	$line >> $logfile
    	write-host $line`n -foregroundcolor white
    # Mount Replica
    Mount-DPMrecoverypoint -DataSource $DSSelected  
              $line=("Error Mounting !! - aborted.")
              $line >> $logfile
              write-host $line`n -foregroundcolor red
              exit 1
    $datetime = get-date
    $line = ("Mount done for {0} " -f $DSSelected) 
    $line = $line + $datetime 
    write-host $line`n -foregroundcolor green
    $line >> $logfile
    # Dismount Replica	
    	$line = ("Press any key to dismount the replica for {0}" -f $DSSelected) 
            write-host $line -foregroundcolor white
    	$line = $line + $C
    	$line >> $logfile
    	$datetime = get-date
            $line = ("Dismount Done for {0} " -f $DSSelected) 
    	$line = $line + $datetime
            $line >> $logfile
    Dismount-DPMrecoverypoint -DataSource $DSSelected
    # View Log
    $line="Do you want to View $logfile file Y/N ? "
    	write-host $line -foregroundcolor white
    	$line = $line + $Y
    	$line >> $logfile
    	if ($Y -ieq "Y") 
    	Notepad $logfile

    Once it's mounted assign a drive letter to the volume and see if you cam then open the failedfiles.dat in the root.

    Alternately - you can review the DPMRA*.errlog files on the protected server and see why files were skipped.

    Mike Jacquet

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    Tuesday, January 7, 2020 12:17 AM