The power buttons on my tower are unresponsive after my PC goes to sleep. RRS feed

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  • So I am having an issue where my PC goes to sleep and then will not wake up and the power button on the front of my tower is unresponsive.  I had my PC serviced recently which included a fresh install of windows 7 and this issue has started after I got the PC back.

    The service I had done 3 days ago included the installation of a new video card, sound card, SSD drive and everything put into a new case.  A fresh version of Windows 7 was installed on the new SSD drive which became my new "drive C."

    This "power" problem has been occurring ever since i got the PC back.

    I got the PC home, plugged it in for the first time since service and the disc boot order was wrong.  I was able to fix this in BIOS and the PC booted up fine.  After using it all day I go to sleep and leave the pc on.  Sometime during the night, the pc entered sleep mode.  I get up in the morning to find the pc is still in sleep mode with the monitor, keyboard and mose all off yet I notice the power button is still illuminated and the fans are running.  The keyboard and mouse are unresponsive and do not "revive" the computer from sleep mode.  I push the illuminated power button on the front of the tower and nothing happens.  I unplug the power cord from the tower and the PC looses power.  I plug the power cord back in and notice that the led on the mother board has lit up again.  I try to turn the pc back on via the main power button on the front of my tower and nothing happens.  The power button is unresponsive.  I try holding it in for 30 seconds - nothing.  I disconnect everything take the PC down the hall, plug it into another outlet and then the power button works and turns on the PC.  I unplug and move the PC back to the original power outlet at my desk and plug it back in and it turns on - however when it boots up the Disc boot order is wrong again and I have to correct it again in BIOS.

    Something is not working right.  I believe it is somewhere in the Power settings.  I have read that I think it has to do with the usb settings but I cannot confirm until I am able to try a fix when I get home after work today.

    Anyone have any ideas or faced a similar problem?

    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 2:33 PM


  • Which type of devices are you using? Laptop/Desktop.... I think it is the settings of power option which is in control panel. You can use high performance to avoid this type of problem...
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    Tuesday, January 21, 2014 8:16 PM