Sysprep Did not work - Now trying to revert


  • Dear All,

    Here is an example where a little knowledge is dangerous.


    I'm tired of making image backups of whole system that are totally null and void if I buy a new laptop, and I can only use file transfer wizard. I stumbled upon sysprep so decided recently after buying a new laptop, to set my windows 7 64 up, with data, perfectly as I want it, and then go through the sysprep procedure using imagex as well.

    I followed the technet procedural video, found sysprep, started it, and then quit and restarted.

    It told me that I needed to put the imagex line into command line, in windows pre-installation environment, which would make a copy of my D: drive where my windows 7 and data is.

    I put in a bootable window 7 disk and went into the preinstallation environment, found the cmd prompt, put in the line, but it continously said it did'n't recognise image x giving : imagex is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    Rebooting doesn't work, it says trying to access service during boot and fails.

    I only have the same back that I did from my last laptop, the one that I painstakingly had to go through windows transfer, and then install all programs again. I thought I was making a back up here. At no point did Sysprep/image x video mention that this was irreversible?

    So, now my situation is this:

    I have D: drive with windows 7 64bit on it. My C: drive is a much bigger drive intended for the destination of the image (initially), and I have windows 8 installed on their and it loads fine, but the imagex didn't work from that either.

    It has taught me a few lessons, and I'm sorry to bother all the far more serious minded technical people here, but if anyone could help me to recover my data, and undo sysprep on my D: drive, and go back to normal, I would appreciate it. All the files are still there, it makes up 90gb of a 100 which is exactly what it was before, but I can't boot into it because it has been syspreped.

    Thank you inadvance for any help anyone can give me.


    Monday, August 06, 2012 6:46 AM