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    I'm trying to create my first example stored procedure using the sqlrutils package. The documentation helped me get going, and I've been editing the examples to move them closer to what I am needing to do. However I've run into some mysterious things happening which I don't understand. Let's take this working example that creates a simple stored proc with one input parameter:


    testfunc <- function(multiplier)
      iris_dataset <- iris
      iris_dataset$Sepal.Length <- iris_dataset$Sepal.Length * multiplier
      out <- 5.1
      # list(iris_dataset=iris_dataset, out=out)

    inparam <- InputParameter("multiplier", "numeric")

    sp <- StoredProcedure(testfunc, "spTestFunc",  inparam,                                            #function to create into a S.P. and the S.P. name
                          # OutputParameter("out", "numeric"),
                          connectionString=paste("Driver={ODBC Driver 13 for SQL Server};",
                                                 "Trusted_Connection=Yes;", sep = "")


    In this example I've labeled the input `multiplier` both in the function and in the InputParameter creation. When I run this, however, the resulting stored procedure has an input named `multiplier_outer` Where did the suffix "_outer" come from? I see no mention of that in the docs...

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