Microsoft DPM 2010 no longer works for WSS 3.0 SP3 farm since moving farm to new SQL cluster RRS feed

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    I've had Microsoft DPM (first 2007, then 2010) backing up my WSS 3.0 SP3 farm since 2009.  This weekend, I had to migrate the WSS farm to a new SQL 2008 SP1 cluster.  I am using a SQL alias after the move.  I mean, I set the alias up several weeks before the move, but the alias name and server name were the same - SQL01.  Now the alias name is SQL01 and the server name is SQL02.  I know, that's exactly the way you shouldn't do it, but this farm is just months away from being decommissioned, so I don't want to rock the boat. 

    So, here's the problem.  Right after the SQL migration, I get a warning in DPM at the start of a recovery point creation session that states that all of the content databases have been deleted from the farm and are no longer protected.  I thought the best thing to do would be to delete and recreate the protection group.  Big mistake.  I deleted the protection group, that was just protecting the farm, and kept the replica data (14 weeks worth).  When I try to create a new protection group, I can expand the SharePoint farm underneath the assigned WFE, but I get the dreaded pop-up: "DPM cannot protect this SharePoint farm as it cannot detect the configuration of the dependent SQL databases. (ID: 32008)"  I've verified that the three suggested items in the error message are indeed functioning correctly, but I cannot get past this error.  The WFE appears to be configured correctly, as I have run the enablesharepointprotection command using an account that is both a farm admin and a local admin on the WFE.  When I run resolveallsqlaliases, it does show all of my content databases with the appropriate alias name and logical path.  On the SQL server, both the SQL Server VSS writer and Volume Shadow Copy services are up and running, as well as the DPMRA service, which I manually started when trying to create the protection group.  I have the SQL Server VSS Writer service running as the same farm admin account that I configured on the WFE. 

    So, I'm not sure where to go next.  It appears that the issue doesn't lie with the WFE since it can enumerate all of the content databases correctly.  Is there something I'm missing on the SQL server?  Oh, and I have the VSS and DPMRA services set up the same on both nodes.  I've been working on this since yesterday and I'm at my wits end! 

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!



    Monday, October 20, 2014 7:49 PM

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