Software Update Downloads to Deployment Package Extreamly Slow RRS feed

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  • Trying to troubleshoot or identify why software updates are downloading so slowly when creating a new deployment package.

    I'm thinking this may have to do with the preferred distribution point and prestaged distribution point settings.

    We have one Boundary Group for entire site and one distribution point group for the same.

    Neither is configured for pre-staged.

    It was my understanding that any distribution point in the primary site is already a "preferred distribution point". 

    Also, prestaged distribution point settings options are not really clear.  If neither DP is configured to prestage, which option should be used for distribution settings?  Manually Copy content is default, assuming that this might be the issue?  In that by Automatically downloading content when assigned to distribution points is adding that into the process of downloading to the distribution package... where it isn't just downloading to package at source location, but instantly copying to both DPs in the DP group?  This would explain the lag in the process i'm guessing since the "manual copy the content in the package to the distribution point" option would allow the download to the deployment package first, then the second step of sending to the DP could happen after the fact?

    Deployment package Settings:

    Distribution Settings

    • Distribution Priority: Medium
    • Checked: Distribute the content for this package to preferred distribution points
    • Prestaged distribution point settings
    • Automatically download conetn when packages are assigned to distribution points

    Jay D

    Monday, July 29, 2013 5:48 PM


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