olapR Cube not getting detected by R RRS feed

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  • I work at a company that stores data in OLAP Cubes, and some of our clients want to analyze the data using R. I think that is a great idea and am impressed with R. On my machine, I downloaded MS R Client, loaded the package olapR, and was able to pull data into R without any issues.

    I told my client what I did, and he is running into some trouble. He successfully loaded R client and loaded olpaR, but it doesn’t have access to the database. The explore() function returns nothing and he gets null objects from any queries.” He is able to connect to the cube using Excel pivot tables, so the issue doesn’t seem to be his permission, and we’ve triple-checked the connection string, passwords.

    Any ideas what the error could be? Perhaps a firewall or some sort of a setting in the database that allows the data to be accessed only through certain applications? Any ideas of how to troubleshoot this would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

    Friday, March 22, 2019 5:41 PM

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  • (Assuming OLAP server is SSAS):

    You can check on both ends client and server machines,
    On client try to get more detailed info (server response), query statistics, there are simpler MDX/DAX queries (even DMV) that can be fired at server just for debugging purposes.

    Obviously as you have correctly noted - firewall does have control too (depending on policies - on both segments: in and out, out is set to mostly "Allow" by default, but can be modified by your/client administrator to block by default, firewalls also might be set up not only by path/program or service but per user/interface/ip/port etc. basis, so it's worth checking windows security audit logs)

    On a server side if you have admin privileges - simplest approach would be just firing profiler on relevant SSAS instance tracing login(session)/query events (can be filtered by user), or same as on client - windows logs (it's pointless using resource monitor searching for client IP/hostName in this case because R/olapR doesn't throw connection error, therefore connection to instance succeeds)

    It might be worth checking if compatible libraries (with SSAS version) are used in connection (Excel 365 updates these periodically, thus latest SSAS versions/editions usually work without issues)

    P.S. Roles on SSAS don't have rules to filter based on application, these are user credentials based (unless some specific custom dynamic bridge tables used for security resolutions, but it's far from best practice), but your firewall or chain of network devices might have additional settings (including by application), not even to mention more complex customized cases with group policies, etc.
    Wednesday, April 17, 2019 4:05 AM