Dimensional variations of AS2005 KPI's imported to DD RRS feed

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  • Hi all


    I've imported a number of KPI's from AS2005. I have different variations on dimensional choice for each of the KPI's. E.g.

    * KPI-one for Accessories (product category) and USA (geography dimension) and
    * KPI-one for Bikes (product category) and Canada (geography dimension) ... to stay in the AdventureWorks world!


    The actual slicing of data is solved in via the datamapping (custom mdx formula), e.g.
    KPIVALUE("KPI-one"), [Geography].[Country].&[USA], [Product].[Category].&[4]


    Now: I want this dimension selection to be shown on my scorecard.


    One solution is to MANUALLY create a property (type: text) for each of the versions of the KPIs and use this property as a column on the scorecard.


    But how can I generate this property DYNAMICALLY based on the data mapping?


    Any suggestions?


    Christian Damborg


    BTW: the customer doesn't like the feature of building a tree structure by dragging the dimensions to the scorecard grid!


    Wednesday, January 30, 2008 12:05 PM