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  • First of all, I applaud the cool new choices to specify your storage tier options (Such as simple on the fast tier, parity or w/e on the slow tier)

    However, I'm encountering an issue where I have 3 X 3TB disks - and am consistently unable to create a virtual disk on the storage space above around 100GB, but the max size fluctuates depending on some factor I can't account for.

    Bottom line - it's acting really weird. Even choosing the "max size" option for both tiers results in some really strange error indicating that there is insufficient hardware.

    Saturday, November 21, 2015 3:55 AM


  • Hi,

    Please correct me if there is any misunderstanding:

    You created a new storage pool with 3x3TB disks (no more HDD/SSD, just 3 hard disks). The virtual disk you are trying to create is the first virtual disk, but you still cannot create one which is larger than 100GB.

    As you mentioned "tier option", my first thought is that there is another SSD involved and you are trying to create a mirrored or parity virtual disk. As the SSD is much smaller, you cannot create a larger virtual disk.

    If you are trying to create a tiered storage space, you need some more actions rather than directly create a virtual disk. Here is an example to create a tiered storage space:

    New-StoragePool -StorageSubSystemId $s.UniqueId -FriendlyName Pool1 -PhysicalDisks (Get-PhysicalDisk -CanPool $true)

    #create a storage pool named Pool1 with all physical disks which can be added into a Storage Pool.

    Get-StoragePool Pool1 | New-StorageTier –FriendlyName SSDTier –MediaType SSD
    Get-StoragePool Pool1 | New-StorageTier –FriendlyName HDDTier –MediaType HDD

    #Create SSD and HDD tiers according to MediaType.

    $tier_hdd= Get-StorageTier -FriendlyName HDDTier
    $tier_ssd= Get-StorageTier -FriendlyName SSDTier

    #Assign a short name for both tiers.

    Get-StoragePool pool1 | New-VirtualDisk -FriendlyName hdddisk -ResiliencySettingName mirror –StorageTiers $tier_hdd -StorageTierSizes XGB -WriteCacheSize YGB

    #Create a new virtual disk named hdddisk (mirrored, with XGB tiered size and YGB write cache size)

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    Monday, November 23, 2015 8:30 AM