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  • Just set up an PS2010 system (CU June 2010).  Everything works fine, except that I cannot open any of the Excel templates within BI.  Additionally, I cannot Open in Excel any of the Sample Reports (though they are displaying nicely in Excel Services).

    This issue occurs on any client.  I have no issue opening the files directly on the server - I'm logged in as the same user on both the client and server.  The error I get is a very generic one, basically...

    Using Excel 2010 "[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect().]SQL Server does not exist or access denied"  I'm then prompted for a SQL Server Login.

    I've tried many things, but am the end of my knowledge.

    Ben Howard [MVP]
    Tuesday, August 3, 2010 1:40 PM


  • So, 6 hours and a lot of fiddling later, I got this to work.  No magic, just plain old troubleshooting, and I suspect, doing a few things in a more orderly fashion.  It's interesting that I've had this same problem on 3 different systems, (but only just got around to fixing it) which might suggest to me that either 1) people aren't using Excel services to view the data or 2) I'm a muppet - just a thought....


    Ben Howard [MVP]
    Wednesday, August 4, 2010 8:05 PM