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  • I’ve been using the subproject feature successfully for months with Project 2013 Standard until lately some odd things are happening. First some background. I have setup the master project in a folder on my hard drive along with the 12 separate sub projects which have been linked to the master though I never save back to the subproject files.  I have set up over 100 predecessor links between tasks in the master and tasks in the subprojects.   The way I update the sub projects each week is I download the updated files from Sharepoint into a separate folder and rename them with the exact name of the file as it is named in the master folder.  Then I copy the renamed files and paste them into the master folder essentially overlaying the subproject files.  This seems to work fine as my links are preserved and I get an update if the dates or percent complete has changed in the subproject files.

    After I open the master, I save a copy in another folder so that I can analyze resources across the entire portfolio.   I do this by first manually unlinking each subproject the way you are supposed to using the information pop up window and unchecking the link.  I am then able to analyze resources.  


    1) The last time I created the resource master, all the linked tasks appeared grayed out in the master section of the integrated plan.  Any idea why?  The linked master isn’t affected.  

    2) Any feedback on my technique is appreciated. 

    Wednesday, August 14, 2019 11:12 PM


  • yukionna,

    The bad news is, linked structures in Project are prone to corruption. Having a linked structure (dynamic master with subprojects), and links between subproject tasks (inter-project links), you have effectively doubled the chances for corruption. For Project, the basic rule is that none of the files in the structure should ever by moved, renamed, overwritten, or saved off to another location. Unfortunately, it sounds like you're not following that criteria and hence you have corruption of the structure.

    If you are seeing "ghost" tasks (i.e. inter-project link tasks), at master level, that is a sure sign the links are duplicated (i.e. corrupt).

    Although your process is "scary" at best (i.e. you're courting corruption), I think your downfall is saving a copy of the master to a second folder. It isn't clear why you need to do that to "analyze resources", you should be able to do any resource "analysis" directly in the master.

    For reference, I have a macro that converts a dynamic master with inter-project links and converts it to a static master with the inter-project links converted to normal predecessors/successors. However, it is not freeware but if you are interested, let me know

    Hope this helps.


    Thursday, August 15, 2019 2:27 AM