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  • Hi just installed rc1 from Windows XP and i installed the Windows Vista ATI Beta RC1 driver from ati.com and everything worked, sort of. The pc kept crashing without warning and restarting, various programs including Windows Media Player 11 and IE7 didn't work properly and hanged to send error report. I did Windows Update after realising you have to actually go to the windows update web site and update the updater for many more updates to work, and found a 4Mb update for my exact graphics card. Although now the situation has got even worse, many of the on screen vista graphics are now completely corrupted and show pretty patterns of green and blue often changing to black and white stripes instead of my desktop. This seems to occur when Vista uses DirectX to do the fade to black effects, the logon screen, video, games, pretty much anything that uses DX10. I don't want to have to go back to Windows XP because i have now become attached to Vista. It seems like with only months to go now before launch MS still have alot to do before release. If i could get this problem sorted though i might have some faith still in MS that vista will still be out this year. Any help with my ATI card would be much appreciated.
    Tuesday, September 12, 2006 8:33 PM


  • I have the His x1600 Pro and after installing the Ati vista drivers I also had Huge issues my screen ( LCD plugged in DVI ) just went nuts So I rolled back and I and running the Vista Radeon drivers and seems to be working good
    Tuesday, September 19, 2006 10:32 PM

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  • Beta on Beta always has potential for problems. Since you had some functionality with the ATI drivers, I would say roll back to those, and hope that ATI releases new beta drivers.

    Sorry there isnt much you can do.

    Andre Rivera

    Tuesday, September 12, 2006 10:09 PM
  • I have a Dimond Viper x 1600 pro in one of my computers. The card it self was a big waste of money in the end. The Pc it's in has Xp home. I have installed removed and even used regedit to get the red, white and black stripes from flashing during boot up. the best Catalyst drivers for my  set up was 6.2 . So try this method.

          Uninstall Ati drivers and softwaer in the add remove programs.do not restart just yet.

    The ati remover utility dose not work that well you may have to go into the drivers folder as well as the sytem folder and system32 folders. Remove all ati related files.Go into regedit back up the registry and locate the ati info in there as well. may also try the search option in the start menue too (this may not find all of ati's file but it should find most of them).

    When finished with the removale of the files and drivers

              Go to were your device manager, select display click update driver. dont let windows detect the driver. do it manually. Select dont serch.I will install manually. un check the compatable device box on top. select a defult vga device or standard vga device. Do this for both desplay device's if. now reboot the system. Go to ATI web site and try the xp drivers if tthey were the ones that worked bettter for you. Don't download the driver/wdm driver pack. Select the Dial-up downloads. get the catalyst driver 1 of 3  and  just the driver 2 of 3 packs (not the wdm drivers).  Disable network connection and start the setup of the display drivers first . when asked to reboot select no. now install the catalyst drvers. I have been working wit ATI cards for a few years.

                They are a pain in the but to install and remove but once they are in there they become a very good solid stable part of the Pc.  Try disableing the recovery option in the catalyst window. hope this helps you out and  Good luck


    Monday, September 18, 2006 8:43 PM
  • You seem to have mis-read the situation i am in ramsis26 as the Operating system in question is not Windows XP Home edition but the latest release of Windows Vista, Release Candidate 1. I have had no problems what so ever with my Sapphire 512Mb ATI Radeon X1600 in Windows XP just Vista. I did manage to uninstall the Beta ATI Vista RC1 display driver and install the Catalyst XP 6.7 driver but as this is an XP driver it does not support Vista's Aero and Glass effects. The standard Radeon driver shipped with Vista RC1 seems to work OK and the system seems to be much more stable with it, and can i also add games work MUCH faster in Vista than they do XP but i have had enough now and as ATI seem not to want to release new updated RC1 drivers i have had no choice but to go back to XP for a while.
    Tuesday, September 19, 2006 11:18 AM
  • I have the His x1600 Pro and after installing the Ati vista drivers I also had Huge issues my screen ( LCD plugged in DVI ) just went nuts So I rolled back and I and running the Vista Radeon drivers and seems to be working good
    Tuesday, September 19, 2006 10:32 PM
  • I just received a Sapphire x1600Pro 512 mb and installed it today.  I was having the same problems.  I found on another forum the answer. 


    Use the update the driver with the driver update, choose “search automatically for updated driver software”   (this will install MS driver)


    Restart your computer


    Before Vista starts, enter your computers bios and change the Video Aperture from 64 to 256


    Save your changes in the bios and the computer will restart


    Update your computer profile and turn on Aero




    If your have installed the Software on the driver CD or used the ATI Catalyst update, uninstall it.


    Warning:  I have only been running this card for a few hours, but I have not had any problems since I got it working.


    Good luck
    Thursday, September 21, 2006 8:08 PM