Search-AdminAuditLog shows mailbox GUID , how to convert


  • Hi,

    I exported mailbox from EAC and found the following command in exchange logs

    New-MailboxExportRequest, parameters -Mailbox "fa9b9dfb-d497-43cb-96cc-73a9a647a0ae" -FilePath "\\ex01\c$\a.pst

    but now when i check in Search-AdminAuditLog , it doesn't show mailbox and path which was used for export.

    RunspaceId         : 68349c08-7a67-4d26-b6ca-970c0bbb445f
    ObjectModified     : bde1ee4d-8c35-44bf-82f0-350a9567752a\f6ec6a77-6b8e-4bfa-b8f9-8192d483e3f5
    CmdletName         : New-MailboxExportRequest
    CmdletParameters   : {Mailbox, FilePath}
    ModifiedProperties : {}
    Caller             : name
    ExternalAccess     : False
    Succeeded          : True

    How do i find which mailbox exported.

    Usman Ghani

    Usman Ghani - MCITP Exchange 2010

    Wednesday, July 11, 2018 1:02 PM

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  • Hi,

    Please run the the Search-AdminAuditLog with the switch -objectids.

    Search-AdminAuditLog -Cmdlets New-MailboxExportRequest -Parameters FilePath -ObjectIds "Mailbox GUID"

    This parameter specifies that only admin audit log entries that contain the specified changed objects should be returned.

    Hope it helps.


    Manu Meng

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    Thursday, July 12, 2018 6:30 AM