Should having PPS Monitoring Web parts be able to connect to PPS Monitoring server and cube in different domain? RRS feed

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  • Does anyone know how PerformancePoint copes if you run an SSAS Cube on one server in one domain (Prod) and SharePoint installation on a different server in a different domain (Dev). Both domains are in the same forest and there’s a trust between them.


    I have a mini environment with

    3 DCs (one root, and one for each of the domains),

    one server running SQL server + Analysis Services and

    one server running MOSS, SQL Server (database engine) and the PPS web parts.


    I also have a set of users for each domain, so I can test different issues with different kinds of users.

    I can access the OLAP cube through an ASP web page both from the DW server and from the MOSS server.

    I can access the Preview site on my DW server from my MOSS server, with users from both domains. I had to add users in the Dev domain explicitly for them to be able to open the pages in Preview mode, but once added, I can access OLAP data here.


    At first I tried only to install the PPS webparts on my MOSS server, and to connect to the PPSMonitoring database on my sql server. That didn't work out, so I installed the PPSMonitoring database on my MOSS server, and then I managed to install the webparts as well.


    I can deploy Dashboards to my MOSS site on the Moss server from Dashboard Designer on the DW server. But when accessing a dashboard in Moss, I get the following error message:

    “The Dashboard is unavailable. Contact your system administrator for assistance.”


    I can't find any other error messages on either server. I've looked in both Event logs, the log for the SharePoint site in in Windows\logs. When running SQL Server Profiler against my Analysis Services server, there will be log items if I query the OLAP cube through a test asp page or through the Preview site.


    I've changed the web.config in both the SharePoint site, PPS Monitoring Preview and PPS Monitoring Web Service to have ServerConnectionPerUser = True. Before doing that, if I opened a dashboard through the Preview site, the profiler log showed NTUserName = the username the application pool is running as. After changing it, the profiler log shows NTUsername = whatever user I'm running the report as.


    I've added setspn for the OLAP service on the SQL server.

    I've added setspn for http for my site on the MOSS server - should I do this for the PerformancePoint site on the SQL server as well?


    Any tips on where to look for error messages between the MOSS site and the cube?

    And could anyone confirm that PPS can run on MOSS on a server in one domain with the data source in a different domain? I haven't found any resources that states otherwise, but you never know.


    With regards,

    Kaisa Lervik

    Thursday, January 24, 2008 1:37 PM


  • Posting a follow up on this:

    Turns out that having two different PPSMonitoring databases messed things up.

    In the end I installed the PPS Monitoring Server on my SharePoint server, and just used the OLAP cube as a regular datasource. Then my web parts behaved as expected, and the dashboard was rendered in my SharePoint site.



    Wednesday, January 30, 2008 10:22 AM