Maximum size of mouse cursor in Windows 8.1


  • What is the maximum size of mouse cursor in Windows 8.1?

    I load cursor from 1000x1000 .png file using GDI+:

    Bitmap *image = Bitmap::FromStream(pStream);
    UINT w = image->GetWidth(), h = image->GetHeight();
    HBITMAP bmpMask;
    HBITMAP bmpColor;
    image->GetHBITMAP(Color(), &bmpMask);
    image->GetHBITMAP(Color(), &bmpColor);
    ICONINFO iconInfo;
    iconInfo.fIcon = FALSE;
    iconInfo.xHotspot = 0;
    iconInfo.yHotspot = 0;
    iconInfo.hbmMask = bmpMask;
    iconInfo.hbmColor = bmpColor;
    hCursor = ::CreateIconIndirect(&iconInfo);

    If it will be necessary, ask me and I'll provide full source code of application.

    In Windows 7 all is OK. Cursor dimentions 1000x1000.

    But there is strange thing - it scales on Windows 8.1 to 32x32 size. Enabling compatibility modes doesn't help. Is it OS limitation?

    Thanks in advance for response.

    Thursday, May 29, 2014 5:01 PM