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  • We are upgrading our environment to Domain level from Workgroup level so we need to build necessary IT Infrastructure also along with ERP implementation.
    We are going to have the following in our environment,
    Total No. of users :40-50 (All sites)
    No. of Sites :2 (Site to Site VPN) and remote users using(VPN).
    Smal and Medium Enterprise.
    Site1:Office & Site2:Manaufacturing Plant. both sites within the country.

    Considering redundancy and failover, We have two options:
    Option 1:
    Buy two servers with 32 GB RAM each and install AD ,Antivirus Server and make one of the server as File server.(Maximum load may be approximately 40-50 users ,So AD ,File server and AV application won’t be a heavy load).
    As far as the AD, File & Antivirus server is concerned we can make Server1 as primary and sever2 as secondary.
    (If One server fails other serve will server and file server can be backed up.)
    and we need the ERP application and Database(SQL) for redundancy/failover?

    VMware Virtualization:
    We can install ERP application with SQL DB in one virtual machine(with required H/W Specs).
    We can use the other virtual machine for rest of the services like AD,AV server, File server.
    For the above the each virtual machine is backed up and each virtual machine is supported by two hardware with a common NAS storage. So this will have have HA and redundancy.Is it a good idea to host ERP in the above virtual environment?

    Going for virtualisation costs higher than the traditional approach
    Please consider the above options , Provide me a good approach to setup the infrastructure with respect to redundancy/failover .Thank you all 
    Wednesday, February 5, 2014 5:32 AM

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  • Hi Suhail.H

    If you are going to use option number 1, it will be best for you and your organization,

    But I have a small suggestion here regarding the Domain Controller “Kindly separate the Domain Controller” because this Machine (System) will be your master system to control the Network. Purchase one extra server for DC, in case both server stop working, you will be free to manage your network by running DC and business will not be affected.

    ERP: - Install ERP in one Server and cluster with second server, because we have to make 100% uptime for ERP to users, in case once server fails, second one will take the responsibility.

    Best & Regards,

    Damodar Dhar Dwivedi

    Wednesday, February 12, 2014 7:10 AM