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  • Dear Team,

    I would like to know know whether the following can be done using SCOM 2012 else do we have use separate management packs from the different vendors. Please confirm the following. 

    Schedule network scans from a web based wizard; identify new network devices and ensure monitoring of all critical equipment.

    support for multi-vendor device and should be able to monitor the availability and performance statistics for any Layer 3/2, security and wireless access points and also other devices that support standard protocols.

    Monitor temperature; fan speed and power supply of the attached network devices and should generate alert and status report.
    Configure alerts for correlated events, sustained conditions, and complex combinations of device states.

    Should support topology and dependency-based alert suppression enables to intelligently escalate alerts for issues that are truly critical.
    Real-time, interactive charts and graphs of key device performance statistics.

    Support for discovery tools including Port Scanner, Switch Port Mapper, and Advance Subnet Calculator.

    Monitor performance of network devices such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss, latency, errors, discards, CPU and memory for SNMP and WMI-enabled devices.

    Customized network maps which could be built using a Drag and drop and automatically view connection between devices and the devices real-time status update.

    Troubleshooting through a Web interface, and the web interface should be Logical, Customizable, Interactive, and Drill-down.

    Present a central view for all notification messages about the networks performance so that troubleshooting could be streamline with alerts, syslog data,events, traps and other messages in a single interface.

    Generate performance report using customizable templates.

    Manage autonomous and wireless thin access points together with their associated clients, and also monitor wireless devices together with wired devices and provide alerts, reports etc.

    Monitor any SNMP-enables device, collect detailed data from database table and monitor statistics available on network devices.

    Show detail view into VSAN(virtual storage area network) devices and should provide statistics of traffic passing through each device and interface, which ports assigned to which VSANs, media type and other important details.

    Network performance monitoring from mobile web browsers.

    Thank you

    Mahesh Leema

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013 7:36 AM