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  • C:\users\all users contains multiple folders including "application data". Clicking same brings up an identical window displaying the exact same folders. Click the new "application Data" generates another identical window, and so on. So I end up with directory structure "c:\users\all users\application data\application data\application data....for what seems forever (never found end). In one of the windows I deleted a folder. That folder was then gone in every window. So "application data" is a pointer to an another identical view of the same data. As a deletion effects every view I can't (am afraid to ) delete the "application data" object in fear of all the instances will be affected. Deleting any one of them will delete all of them...including the real data. So what my question is, does anyone know how to delete all instances of "application data" except the first one? And does anybody know why this is happening in the first place?  (a run of Registry Mechanic alerted me to this. In trying to delete temporary files, searching for same in "Application data" will cause the program to search each instance of appl data...Gets over a thousand hits and it appears deletes don't take. Same issue on c:\program data. In reality deleting the first instance of a temp file in application data would delete said file in all other instances).
    Thanks, John
    Wednesday, April 11, 2007 2:35 AM

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  • Just an update. I've done considerable research and have found out what this condition is. I wont dwell on the technical aspects as one could practically write a few chapters in a book on the subject. The "condition" of the multiple "application data" is due to "symbolic links" ( carry over from Win2000
    junctions)....Ever used DFS? Thats a good example. The issues remain the same...how to determine the cause of the looping, how to stop the looping, and how to clean up the aftermath.
    I have found a tool that installs into Window explorer that claims to unlink the symbolic link from the data (in this case folder), so that deleting same will not affect the real data. But as thats defeating the reason for using it in  the first place, I'm  little hesitant to do same. I have an incident open with MS and will post again with more information. But a warning!!!! If you have this condition DO NOT try to use explorer to delete any of the instances..you will delete the real data!!
    Monday, April 16, 2007 12:20 AM
  • 'All Users'  is a symlink to 'G:\ProgramData':


    G:\Users>dir /al

     Directory of G:\Users

    11/02/2006  08:00 AM    <SYMLINKD>     All Users [G:\ProgramData]
    11/02/2006  08:00 AM    <JUNCTION>     Default User [G:\Users\Default]


    In 'G:\ProgramData', we find that 'Application Data' is a junction pointing back to its parent folder:


    G:\ProgramData>dir /al

    Directory of G:\ProgramData


    11/02/2006  08:00 AM    <JUNCTION>     Application Data [G:\ProgramData]

    That's where you loop is coming from.  But on my install of Vista, I can't explore 'Application Data', I get an 'Access is Denied' message.  This is due to a Deny Everyone List Folder/Read Data permission entry. 


    Did you perhaps delete this entry when first playing with Vista, not liking the fact that you should be able to look everywhere?


    If you don't have that permission entry, try recreating it & see if that helps.






    Monday, April 16, 2007 5:11 AM