Healthvault & diet data with batterysaver on RRS feed

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  • If you don't set batterysaver to allow IE to run in the background even when batterysaver is on, you will get logged out upon reopening the page for the  healthvault website with a few minutes of backgrounded inactivity.

    With the recent health & fitness update stripping healthvault support for it's diet & exercise tracker, this is more of an issue now.  While there are plenty of apps that save the healthvault login capable of adding exercise data, only the website remains capable of adding diet info... But even with keep me logged in, it's constantly logging me out if I bacjground it more than a few minutes, or god forbid do something like turn off the phone & stick it in my pocket to drive to work.  

    Unfortunately the healthvault app itself does not support adding diet info that I'm able to find.  Weight, bp, glucose, height, medication, etc... but no diet.  Can diet be added to the windows phone healthvault app if the keep me logged in function can't be set to persist even with battery saver active on IE in  wp8.1?

    Saturday, October 11, 2014 7:04 AM

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  • After posting I found the default on setting for automatic signout after 20 minutes & set that, disabledbattery saver, -and- set IE to be allowed to run in the background even when batterysaver is on ... I logged back in, set my lumia 820 on the jbl speaker/charging pad thing & was logged out when I work up a little while ago :(.  Logged back in, told ie to save the password for this site, confirmed te setting was still disabled, went to make some tea & have breakfast... logged out & the login appears to be set like I assume my bank's is where it does not allow saved passwords (perhaps this is why the session cookie keeps getting dumped?)
    Saturday, October 11, 2014 5:33 PM