What is the best way to manage "protected work" in PS2010 when you have some resources that enter time and some that do not RRS feed

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  • Summary of our situation:

    • We are migrating data from PS2003 and need to report on protected actual work (approved time).  We understand the protected actual work data goes into the actual work field in PS 2010 through the migration process.
    • We will be doing time-entry in PS2010 through single-entry timesheet view.
    • We are going to make the task view read-only so users don't report time worked in that view causing different actual work values (between the plan and timesheet)
    • We feed a finance system with approved time-entry and understand the best source for this in PS2010 is the timesheet actual work field

    Settings we are thinking of using but wanted to see what others have done and if there are better options:

    • We are thinking of setting the "Protecting User Updates - Only Allow Task Updates via Tasks and TimeSheets" to Yes so actual work through PS 2010 is the same value (in project schedules, in timesheet) so reporting is not confusing to users
    • This setting will prevent a PM from accidentally overriding timesheet entered time which is desirable
    • This setting however will prevent PMs from progressing their tasks for resources that do not enter time and will also not allow them to complete them without making the actual work zero, which is not desirable.

    We've considered local resources (for the non-time entry resources) but then we would lose the PWA enterprise view of the resources (no common reporting across the plans and users would not be able to see their tasks in Task view). 

    Wednesday, May 30, 2012 8:40 PM