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  • This Tutorial Shows how to create roaming profile(s) for Windows Workgroups.
    Here are the steps in order to do this:

    On the host PC:

    1. Goto 'Folder Options'>'View' and un-tick 'Use Simple File Sharing'.

    2. Goto Network Connections and right click on the 'Local Area Connection' (Ethernet recommended)

    3. Goto Properties>General, and tick 'File and Printer Sharing'.

    Click Apply + Ok.

    4. Goto Control Panel>User Accounts, add a new user.

    5. Logon to this user, and open the profile folder properties.

    5b. Share this folder.

    6. Make the Share permissions so that 'everyone' has: Full Control, Read, Change.

    Click Apply + Ok.

    7. Click on 'Caching' and disable Caching for this Share.

    Click Ok.

    8. Now goto the 'Security' tab and give 'Administrator' and 'SYSTEM' 'Full Control'.

    Click Apply + Ok.

    On the remote PC(s):

    1. Make the same User as on the Host.

    1b.Logon to the account and log back out again. Delete the profile folder from 'Documents and Settings'.

    3. Give 'SYSTEM': 'Read','Read and Execute','List Folder Contents' to the 'Administrators' Profile

    4. Type 'lusrmgr.msc' into run, goto: 'Users', double click on the new user and goto the 'Profile' tab.

    4b. In the 'Profile Path' box, type \\hostPCname\ProfileName.
    Click Apply + Ok

    *Note* Replace the \\path\ accordingly to what names are on your Host PC.

    5. Goto regedit>HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion. Double click
    on 'ProfileList'.

    Find which key is for the new user. (Example S-1-5-21-58435627-18431725-18026167-1003)

    6. Right click that key and goto: 'Permissions' and give 'SYSTEM' 'read'.

    *Note* Once you logon to the roaming profile from the remote PC for the first time you can undo this step.

    7. goto GPEdit>Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/System/User Profiles:

    Enable these settings:

    'Do not check for user ownership of roaming profile folders'

    'Delete cached copies of roaming profiles'

    'Log users off when roaming profile fails'

    "Add the Administrators security group to roaming profiles'

    'Prevent roaming profile changes from propagating to the server'

    7b. Make 'Timeout for dialog boxes' '1' (seconds)

    8. goto: Computer Configuration/Security Settings/Local Policies/Security Options:

    Make 'Number of previous logons to cache (if server is unavailable) '0'


    Now you're ready to login to the Profile on the remote PC.

    *Note* Sometimes, when windows loads it takes a minute for the profile folder to become shared again.

    Thanks for reading.

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