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  • Hi Community,

    I dont know if somebody was facing the same issue but I will give a try and ask you..

    I have implemented SSO, Webex Teams in dCloud and this is the scenario:
    User Cholland is loging to the system with or and in the Cloud is synced with Cisco Directory Connector with the email address. In my case it was

     I have configured the ADFS and provided him alternative ID to login/authenticated with the mail address.

    2020-11-12 13_52_47-Jumphost - VMware Workstation.png


    If I try to login I will all time get the message to login again and authenticated.

    2020-11-12 13_51_26-Jumphost - VMware Workstation.png



    If the user has user logon name the same like email everything works just fine.

    2020-11-12 13_53_08-Jumphost - VMware Workstation.png

    2020-11-12 13_53_16-Jumphost - VMware Workstation.png


    If I turn off the windows authentication i will get a page from ADFS and Im able to use the email to login to system.

     If I turn on the windows authentication and the mail address is the same like logon name everything works just fine.

     If I turn on the windows authentication and the mail address is different from logon name the authentication doenst work. What I have to do to bring this working?

    Do you have somebody any idea what I have to setup on ADFS to have a working SSO if the user has .loc or user logon name? 
    Thank you so much!

    Thursday, November 12, 2020 1:09 PM

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