Acer Aspire Switch 10 running Windows 8.1 loses internet connection intermittently


  • Wife has small Acer laptop running 8.1 and running wirelessly. It keeps on losing internet connection although shows full wi-fi signal. Icon shows asterisk and network connection shows 'limited'. Acer suggested complete reset which has been done several times and then have installed new motherboard but it still has the problem. Have checked for and installed network adapter driver (Realtek) updates but problem still persists. It works ok for about 1 or 2 weeks after a reset but then it all happens again. TalkTalk changed the router to eliminate that.  My desktop runs without any problems wired or wirelessly as do two other laptops (all now updated to Windows 10) and two Android phones. Dare not update Acer to Win 10 until I know it is not Acer problem as guarantee about to run out. Spent 6 months trying to sort it.

    Friday, January 29, 2016 4:24 PM


  • Hi,

    >>It works ok for about 1 or 2 weeks after a reset but then it all happens again<<.

    We quite understand your issue. Although the issue persists, it works fine temporarily after you reinstall the driver. We would like to suggest you could download the latest driver version from manufacturer official and reinstall it if you do not use the latest official driver version.

    Since other device works fine when connecting to wireless, have you checked if the issued PC got the correct IP address in "Network and Sharing Center"? When the issue happens, please run the command below in Command Prompt.


    If it fails to ping, please reset TCP/IP by referring the link below.

    Good luck to fix it.

    Best Regards,


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    Monday, February 1, 2016 5:44 AM