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  • I am trying to connect my Bluetooth serial adapter(remote device) to Windows-10 PC over Bluetooth for data transfer over SPP profile.

    I have connected Bluetooth dongle to my Win-10-PC. I can successfully pair with my serial adapter using the settings>>BluetoothDevice>>AddBluetoothDevices tab. This only does till the pairing part. I can see two virtual com ports are getting created in device manager.

    But PC is not getting connected to the remote-device(Bluetooth Serial adapter) over SPP profile.

    I have made sure my Bluetooth dongle and the remote device supports SPP profile.

    My remote-device(Bluetooth Serial adapter) will always be acting as Bluetooth SPP slave.

    I want to establish Serial-SPP-connection with my remote-device(Bluetooth Serial adapter). For this PC shall issue connection request for SPP profile. I can see the com ports are getting created after the pairing is done, but SPP-connection is not getting established.

    Also, I used Bluetooth-Serial-terminal App for Windows PC and it can establish the SPP-connection and send/receive data. but I don't want to use the APP. 

    Are there any settings on Windows Bluetooth settings, where I can make PC/Dongle to issue the Connection request for the SPP connection?

    In below image Com-Port-34 is for Outgoing SPP connection, but how to issue the connection request?

    Thanks in advance.


    Monday, April 30, 2018 3:04 PM

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  • Hi Sujata,

    I’m afraid that your best bet is to use the app to connect.

    It is true that with Windows own Bluetooth software two virtual COM ports are created after pairing:
    - when connecting your terminal program to the first you are actually instructing Windows to attempt to establish the Bluetooth connection to the remote paired device, and if the connection is established the RFCOMM channel will be opened for the exchange of data
    - when connecting your terminal program to the second you are actually instructing Windows to load the SPP SDP record and to remain waiting for incoming connections from the remote paired device.

    Hope it will be helpful to you

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    Tuesday, May 1, 2018 2:46 AM
  • So, which port should we connect o in order to use a terminal program (such as RealTerm) to communicate with some remote computer over serial port login connection? Essentially using a db9 serial-bluetooth adapter at the remote end, and my laptop's internal bluetooth on local end.

    What I want to do is to use an embedded system serial port login for maintenence access, see the bootup log which remote system puts onto db9 serial port, later gives a login prompt that I would like to login to and then be able to check on the system, initiate reboot if needed, collect data, install new files etc.

    I have two different db9 serial-bluetooth adapters now, and neither accomplish this as far as I can tell. I have done aloopback test on one of them, which passes, but it cannot talk to a usb-serial adaptor, even with nullmodem adapter in between the two db9 ends. For every byte I type into the bluetooth side RealTerm, I get 3 bytes out at the USB end, like the two db9 ports are talkign different languages, but htey are all configured to 115200 baud, 8N1, no hardware handshake, so no reason to be different.

    Believing my first buetooth-serial adapter to be garbage, I bought another from adifferent brand, with different shape, internal antenna vs big bendy antenna etc. to know it's not just hte same xcat thing with a different sticker on it. But sedond one behaves much like the first, and so I assume now that perhaps the concept is wrong for bluetooth? Or perhaps that Windows10 is flaky in this regard, as I find a lot of other complaints about Bluetooth COM ports in Win10, when their thigns had worked fine in Win7, Win8.x, WinXP etc...

    By USB-serial adapter connects just fine to my embedded platform and shows me the boot log, lets me login etc. 

    I want that same thing over bluetooth, rather than having a very long serial wire going down the hallway between rooms...

    Please help me get that working!

    Or make some other suggestion of a nice db9 serial-something else adapter isntead of bluetooth. (Zigbee? WiFi?)

    Monday, July 2, 2018 4:35 AM