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  • I have SATA Disk problems!!!
    A description of the problem I am having.

    I have a P5N-E SLI mother board with 3 drives.
    One IDE as the C drive and two STAT disks. a Seagate
    ST350032OAS connected to SATA #1 and a Maxtor
    STM350032 connected to SATA #2 the OS names D & E.

    forced to reinstall the Win 2K OS and SP4, I have
    downloaded from the ASUS website JMB36X SATA
    drivers and installed them (I have also tried the
    drivers on the support CD that came with the MB
    same problem).
    The BIOS finds the disks and the OS finds them, The OS
    disk management tool detects the disks shows the disk
    size 465.76 GB,  file type NTFS and declares them

    the device manager thinks all is well too and declares
    them to be functioning correctly.

    BUT when I try to explore disk D or E I get a error
    message "D:\is not accessible Access is denied"
    Also when I use the properties tool on the disks it
    reports the file system unknown, used space and free
    space as zero.

    I have checked the FAQ and trouble shooting portion of the ASUS
    web site nothing like the problem I am experiencing.  I have tried
    may permutations of the installation process and also tried other
    operating systems XP and Vista same or worse result. I have been
    searching the web, Microsoft and computing sites also posted my
    problem so far no solutions.

    I believe this to be a software problem and not hardware these disk
    have been working reliably until my OS became to corrupt to use
    and I had to reinstall.  One small clue I remember being told to edit
    a line in one of the win2k system to make the disks work but failed
    to record this information. And I have not been able to find the source
    again despite much searching.

    Technical assistance from ASUS has been weak so far.
    Seagate tech support via chat tried to figure it out but
    but gave up.

    I need to get these disk back in service even though I have backed
    up the data on them there is still valuable data and I have work to
    be done.  I sure would like to get my disks back working again
    can you help me find a way to fix this problem?

    Thank you.
    Tuesday, September 29, 2009 6:46 PM